The SSWG meets regularly in New York City and online to discuss important issues related to the safety and security of Metropolitan New York, northern New Jersey, and Long Island.

Who We Are and What we Do

The Metropolitan NY-NJ-LI Storm Surge Working Group (SSWG) is a broad alliance of civic, government, business, scientific, engineering, academic, media, planning and environmental leaders from across the sprawling Metropolitan Region. The SSWG was formed in 2015 following the catastrophic storm surge damage resulting from Superstorm Sandy which struck the region in October 2012.

The SSWG is an independent professional organization that does not have formal relationships with any government organization, business, media, political parties, educational and research institutions or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The Metropolitan region is highly vulnerable to ever-increasing flooding, coastal erosion, and major damage and destruction, threatening the nation’s largest, most valuable and most complex urban and suburban infrastructures: governmental, commercial, industrial, municipal and residential. We research and advocate realistic and cost-effective regional solutions to what is a regional problem that transcends geographic and political boundaries.

An Invitation

If you want to learn more, or are interesting in becoming involved in the activities and outreach of the Storm Surge Working Group, please contact us via the Contact Us link.

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