For the Love of the Bay- City of Water Day Event

For the Love of the Bay will be an in-person, outdoor, all day celebration of the History, present and future of Jamaica Bay, championing the resilience of the people, plants and animals that live along its shores. The communities along Jamaica Bay are some of the most impacted by climate change and storm events like Sandy and Ida. However, they are also consistently some of the most overlooked, high need, and under-resourced areas in the region. Our event, hosted by non-profit Metro Flood Defense with multidisciplinary visual artist m i c c a, held at Sovereign Surf, a coffee shop and event space at the Bay’s edge just steps from the Rockaway ferry terminal, will accessibly celebrate the bay. For the Love of the Bay will highlight the local Rockaway community and foster connections with the larger NYC community, inclusively engaging our diverse community. This event will be held outdoors and adhere to the latest NYC public health guidelines including the provision of masks and sanitizerand provide masks and sanitizers to all who require it.